Sunday, April 26, 2009

April the Twenty-Six.

Today is Courtney's birthday! If you have not already told her, "Happy Birthday!" I really suggest that you do so. Don't you like it when people wish you a happy birthday on your birthday? I certainly do. 

Today is also Sunday. I really love Sundays. I didn't get to stay in church though because it was my Sunday to help with the babies in nursery. It was pretty fun, and all of them were very mellow, contently walking around, sitting, or playing with toys. However, at the end, one of them started crying, and that spurred a couple more to cry also. So when the parents came in, there were 3 crying children... oops. Poor Evie started to cry when I was holding her because she was ready to leave and see her dad. She stopped crying when he came in though. 

Today I went to youth group - which was awesome. Are we really following Jesus? Are we a witness - someone who can say Jesus is risen and someone who believes He has authority?

"give us picture of Your face
 show us the measure of Your grace
 reveal the love of the Father
 put within us tenderness
 release from us all selfishness
 we'll consider them better
 we are Yours
 give us hearts of servants"

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